Kendal Lehari Eventing



We have had a great start to the Ontario Season!!

Glen Oro:

Branon & Oscar - Training - 3rd

Kendal & Max - Pre-Training - 3rd

Abbey & Oliver - Pre-Training - 8th


Donna & Ceilidh - Pre- Training - 1st

Brandon & Oscar - Prelim - 4th

Kendal & Dobbi - Intermediate - 5th

Gwen & George - Training - 6th

RCRA Dressage:

Kendal & Dobbi - Second Level 1& 2 - 1st, 1st

Cornerstone Dressage:

Kendal & Dobbi - Second Level 1& 2 - 1st, 1st

Winter Results/Highlights:

Ocala H.T.:

Kendal & Dobbi - OP - 2nd

Hayley & Molly - NR - 6th

Rocking Horse II:

Viviane & Amelie - BNR - 1st

Gwen & George - ON -  3rd

Kendal & Lorde - OBN - 7th

Kendal & Dobbi - OP - 8th

Three Lakes:

Caroline & Wesley - BN - 1st

Gwen & George - OT - 8th

Rocking Horse III:

Caroline & Wesley - NR - 4th

Kendal & Amelie - NH - 5th
Kendal & Dobbi - OI - 6th

Kendal & Darwin - OT - 7th

Kendal & Lorde - NH - 7th

Kendal & Mosley - NH - 7th

Rocking Horse Spring:

Gwen & George - OT - 4th 

Kendal & Aanna - NH - 6th

Vivian & Amelie - NR - 6th

Ocala Spring:

Gwen & George - OT - 3rd

Kendal & Wesley - ON - 3rd

Kendal & Dobbi - OI - 7th

Kendal & Aanna - ON - 8th

Boarding & Other Services Available: 

We will have a couple stalls opening up for the end of April 2016!!  Please contact us for more details.

Come join our team! We specialize in one on one coaching with personalized training programs to achieve YOUR goals. Don't get lost in the crowd & get the attention you deserve! We do ship in lessons as well as some travelling depending on location.

Training & Sales: whether your horse needs a tune-up, to be backed, trained or sold we can make a program to fit that goal. We always have two of us, so if it is necessary to have a second person on the ground to help the horse understand, we can accommodate that. For sales we will do all the work. You send the horse in and we do all the photos, ads, showing the horse to prospective buyers and selling it!

Boarding: We offer indoor board, with full day turnout. We have just re-done all fencing and are constantly making improvements to the facility. STALLS AVAILABLE starting end of April.  

Clinics: we can host a clinic on site or travel to you! Please contact for availability. We also do Boot Camp.  If you want a one on one clinic feel you can ship in for a single tune up lesson or stay for a few days! 

NEW: Become a Sponsor Online!

With every sponsorship donation your name will be added to the list of supporters and you will receive updates on my progress. Every bit helps and I would be thrilled to welcome you to the Kendal Lehari Eventing Team!