Lehari Eventing


Join our Team!

- Full service show team that caters to serious up and coming riders as well as busy adult  amateurs

- Flexible show programs to fit different goals and schedules, whether you?re working towards your first event or focused on qualifying for young riders or internationally

- All levels welcome!

- We are a great team of supportive, friendly and encouraging competitors. Everyone wants to see their teammates succeed!

Every person learns differently and so do the horses. We’re not afraid to think outside the box to help a horse/rider understand what is being asked of them. We are very hands on with the horse/riders program. We treat all of the horses as our own. We make sure they are utd with all of their vet work, farrier, dental, etc. As part of the program the horses are ridden by Kendal regularly to keep them tuned up. Riders have a 1-5 lessons a week depending on schedules. If riders cant make it up the horse will still get ridden. This helps us do a better job coaching. We have a chance to get to know the horse, tune it up and understand what the rider is feeling so we can give riders more tools to work with for better performances. We want our riders to be independent riders and able to think on their own. We want them to be confident to ride in the ring and react in a positive manor while competing.


We adjust our coaching approach depending on the goals of the individual. We want the riders to have fun and continue to improve. We want to always provide a positive, confidence building learning experience. We strongly believe in cross training. If any riders struggle in a certain discipline or would like to get more experience, we strongly recommend they compete in that discipline on the side. We go fairly regularly to jumper shows and fit in a few dressage shows a year.